Minister of Sport George Hilton visits ABCD

The Minister of Sport, George Hilton, on Thursday, February 20, 2015, visited ABCD – Autoridade Brasileira de Controle de Dopagem.   During his time at ABCD, the Minister also toured departments within the National Secretary for High Performance Sport - SNEAR.

Accompanied by the future National Secretary of Sports, Education, Leisure and Social Inclusion, Carlos Geraldo Santana de Oliveira, the Minister attended a meeting with the staff of ABCD as well as viewed a presentation by ABCD  National Secretary, Marco Aurelio Klein, which included the participation of the UNESCO Advisor to ABCD, Luis Horta, the Institutional Relations Director, Martha Maria Dallari, the Director of Information and Education, Ana Cristina Cunha, and the Chief of Staff, Carlos Alberto Vieira.

George Hilton was able to familiarize himself with specifics of the Global Fight Against Doping in Sport and the commitments made by Brazil to prevention and combat as a part of the anti-doping fight.  In addition, highlights of ABCD's activities in 2014 were presented as well as a discussion of the priorities for 2015, where one of the main activities will be the focus on anti-doping education and prevention.

In the view of Secretary Marco Aurelio Klein, "the work of ABCD is a manifestation of the Government´s commitment to a public policy, which involves the entire Ministry of Sport: the Minister, Secretaries, and colleagues at work, all these committed to establish a safety net for the Brazilian athlete.”

Minister George Hilton believes that the work of ABCD is "represents a revolutionary project combining social and educational changes for the protection of the good athletes in our country." George Hilton stated, "A country that has definitely entered the Sports Mega-Events Cycle has to have above all, as one of it pillars and the ABCD as one of its banners, the protection and care of our athletes.  ABCD has arrived to be precisely this protective arm to support the fair practice of sport and the health of our athletes."

Minister of Sport Geoge Hilton speaking - click here

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