USADA Representative discuses Lance Armstrong Case at the ABCD Forum

Do Fans of athletes care about doping? For guest speaker at the First ABCD Anti-Doping Intelligence Forum, William Bock of USADA - United States Anti-Doping Agency, the answer is yes.

"It's a myth that the public does not care about doping. When people believed that Lance Armstrong was free of doping, they thought his victories were compelling, but when they found out differently, they began to reject his accomplishments. His name was removed from buildings, businesses, and street names. He was the best known athlete in the world. He came back from the brink of death to win these competitions. Many people gathered new willpower to fight against cancer because of his history. Still, willpower is double edged and so powerful that when the USADA issued a report on Lance´s cheating, he was removed from the presidency of his foundation."

Lance Armstrong is an American cyclist who became famous for winning the Tour de France seven times after being cured of testicular cancer. Lance lost the titles and was banned from the sport for doping.

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