Crossword - ABCD

  1. 3. Reason accepted to delay the collection of sample for doping control In-Competition
  2. 4. First name of the athlete who won seven times the Tour de France and was banned from the sport for doping
  3. 5. Name given to the use of substances that artificially enhance athletic performance
  4. 8. Acronym that stands the highest authority for decision in doping cases
  5. 10. Sport where already there were major doping scandals
  6. 11. City where the Olympic and Paralympic Games were held in 2012
  7. 13. Acronym in English as it is called the professional responsible for the collection of the material sample for the doping control
  8. 14. Sanction attributed to an athlete caught in intentional doping
  9. 15. Sample usually collected for doping control tests
  10. 17. Professional with competence to prescrible drugs for people, and especially for high-performance athletes
  11. 19. Act to rip off opponents through doping
  12. 20. Canadian runner who lost the gold medal in the 100 meters at the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988, after evidenced the use of prohibited substances
  13. 21. Rules governing the Fight against Doping in the world
  14. 22. Another reason accepted to delay the collection of sample for doping testing In-competition
  15. 25. Acronym of the Brazilian authority for doping control
  1. 1. One way to select athletes for doping control
  2. 2. Document which you find the banned substances
  3. 3. Prohibited substances that accelerate muscle development and cause serious damage on health
  4. 6. Maximum Olympic Movement Authority
  5. 7. Method considered as doping that modifies the athlete's blood characteristics
  6. 9. Material collected for doping control tests
  7. 12. Place where it can be carried out doping control tests out-of-competition
  8. 16. One of the most popular banned substances groups that increase performance artificially
  9. 18. de Janeiro City where the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in 2016
  10. 23. Abbreviation of the substance detected in blood tests related to the use of doping that artificially increases the blood oxygen level
  11. 24. Acronym in English for World Anti-Doping Agency